Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Mirrors can be deceiving
Mirrors can make us perceive something that's untrue
And make us believe that it's true
And that is why
That person hates mirrors.

That person is a teen
A normal teen that person shall not be
Rarity is what that person searches
Hence, that person is nobody
But itself.

Why, dear deceitful mirrors?
Why do you make that person contemplates
With such matters that the person isn't capable to judge
nor evaluate
Why did you deceive that pitiful teen?
Is that teen really naive?
or just ignorant with the real world.

That teen, let me burden you with a secret
That teen has another reality
That can only be seen inside that teen's mind.
Mirrors on the wall
You can't look inside
As that person has banned
deceitful beings
to enter inside that confined world.

Inspiration: Sylvia Plath's Mirror

By Nur 'Adilah (LG2201)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Free-Verse Poetry Contest - [First Place]

Name: Adam Ar-Rashid
Class: LG2201A
Title: Anaruxi, The Shadow Guardian
Work Count: 247
Category: Poem
Brief Summary: Imaginary Partner In Saving The World
Other Details: -

In this lonely day nothing standstill upon the way
Beautiful sky in blue vanish and turn to grey
Fear fill in when people choose not to stay
The one who’s weak become a bait for the prey

Demolition past through like a wind blows by
No one shall cry because tears have dried
The one who still live wish to die
But not for me, this is just a beginning, not goodbye

I’ll fight them all with all the guts I got
MY SHADOW GUARDIAN always there behind my back
She will never let me be any ambrosia or anyone whack shack
I’m like a brick wall that no one can ever crack

Anaruxi, an amendable creature that you are
You make me strong and come this far
Pull me up when I’m feeling down
Hold me back when I’m about to drown
Thank you, because saving me from darkness of time
Now my life worth more than a dime

I do know that your power have limitation
I’m sorry; it’s just too much temptation
I’d push you too much under desperation
I just want to make the world free from destruction

My hope right now that’s someday you will come back
Be by my side like Sally and Jack
I’m willing to give my soul for eternity
As long as you’ll come back and we stay in this fraternity
We can make this world bright again and full of entity
Most important, the love of us can conquer all, entirely…

Free-Verse Poetry Contest - [Second Place]

Name: Nur Jalilah Binti Abdul Aziz
Class: LGB5D
Semester: 5
Title: The Underdog
Word Count: 490
Category: Poem
Brief Summary: A free verse poem based on how I perceive myself and how many other women who are considered wall flowers see themselves.
Other Details: Since it is a free verse poem, I wrote some words that are considered as slang such as "ain't" which mean "I am not/isn't", "I'ma" which means "I am going to" and "bling bling" which is a word that means heavy jewelry. These words are commonly heard in The United States, usually spoken by people of the African American ethnicity.

Hello, nice to know you,
I’m your average underdog,
I’m not as ugly as a frog,
But I’ve got a figure that matches the blob,
Nice to know you,
I’ve got loads to do.

Hello, nice to meet you,
You know what’s been ailing,
My waist line is spreading,
I can’t help complaining,
That none of my anime is playing,
It was nice to know you,
This meeting totally ruled!

Pleased to meet you,
Forgive me my uniform,
I’ve done all I can not to conform,
I think it’s best to inform,
That nothing I do is the norm.

Well, hello there, we meet again,
I hate that sharp words can penetrate my brain,
You know it’s such an awful strain,
To have to always block out the pain,
And desperately wished that,
I could just get lost in the rain.

Hey there, you make a lovely sight,
Can’t stop getting my voice heard right,
Probably because I ate the queen with my knight,
A great struggle ‘twas all for naught,
As I’ve lost the fight,
With trembling hands and a load of jitters,
And a body that got chewed by critters,
I look away to lick my wounds,
I hope a triumph is dawning soon.

Hi, this is getting to be a bore,
One of the pretties just caused an uproar,
She just went down real low on the floor,
The very idea disconnects my jaw,
As being such a show off gives me an eyesore.

Hi, there, will you please listen to me,
I try so hard to please,
I try so hard not to hurt,

And I don’t have boyfriends,
Because I don’t know how to flirt,
I’m not quite that sad,
But I suppose desperation has been quite bad,
I try my best not to give a care,
Usually I succeed as nobody stares.

Well, it’s been nice knowing you,
I’m just your average rock star,
Unfortunately, I can’t seem to play the guitar,
A lot of the “fanboys” would rather just drown me in tar.

I have lots of close friends,
The type of friendship that transcends,
I have not one man in my life,
Well, with the exception of my dad and brother, Ike,
I try not to stand out in a classroom,
I’m the girl who will shrink in the boardroom,
I can’t dance, I can’t sing,
There ain’t no way I’ma get me some bling bling,
I don’t do drama, used to watch Futurama,
I wear kaftans not Escada,
Still put on that wicked blue eye shadow,
Don’t think make up is shallow,
I guess I’m not just your average underdog,
I’m a woman emerged from a mysterious fog,
I’m my own person with thoughts and feelings,
And not anyone can purchase that with shillings.

Goodbye, my friend, it was nice knowing you,
I’m glad that I’m no longer so blue,
Hope to once again talk to you soon.

Free-Verse Poetry Contest - [Third Place]

Name: Armiwaty Ratimin
Class: LGB4A
Semester: 4
Title: I Can't Read You
Category: Poem
Brief Summary: About how hard to understand people words and thought.

I'm a Man, not a saint..
I'm an interpreter, not a mind reader..
I'm working on words, not riddles..
I'm reading the lines, not your veins..
I'm uttering my love, not signing my anger..
I'm sorry I can't see my fault, 'cause my eyes too blind..
And I'm sorry I can't read your clear mind, 'cause I'm illiterate...

I learnt characters and figures, not shadows nor bubbles..
I took Maths and Languages, not sighs nor giggles..
I counted numbers, not heart broken pieces nor tear towels..
I'd been tested on board and papers, not on frown nor stare..
I wrote on screens and sheets, not on smoke nor air..
That's made me bad at evaluating of what I see..
 While those made you sucks at your ABCs..

Monday, 9 April 2012

Free-Verse Poetry Contest [WINNERS!]

Greetings, everyone!

The Young Scriptor Club is happy to announce the three winners of the Free-Verse Poetry Contest! We thank those who have submitted their stories for this contest, and to those who did not get what they wish for, please try harder next time! To the winners, you have until 15th April 2012 to claim your prizes.

The winners are as follows:

1st Place: Adam Ar-Rashid Bin Mohamad Rasdi (LGB2A) - Anaruxi, The Shadow Guardian
2nd Place: Nur Jalilah binti Abdul Aziz (LGB6D) - The Underdog
3rd Place: Armiwaty Ratimin (LGB5A) - I Can't Read You

Congratulations again!

The YSC would like to once again remind everyone that the gates are wide open for you to submit any written entries to our website! Please submit your writings to youngscriptorclub@gmail.com, and stay tuned for future competitions!

Have a nice day.

[PT] Gun of Deceit

Name: Nadia Syahida @Chaos Hackers
Class: LG2201A
Semester: 1
Title: Gun of Deceit
Word Count: 79
Category: Poem
Brief Summary: A poem about a person who commits serious crime and proudly gets away with it.

Twist the thought,
Feel this fire,
The purest lie I brought,
Is conjuring the corner.
Deceit fuels the heart,
Stupidity helps the breathing,
As I show the black of light,
The justice of life slowly shattering.
The bullet is mine,
But not the equality,
As I shot him with fury,
The lord of lies burns in me.
I am free! I am free!
And yet the freedom is my enemy.
The white truth defy,
As I am the sin.

EDITED BY: Maisarah binti Ahmad Kamil

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Date of Announcement of Winners!

Hello, Scriptors!

It has been confirmed that the announcement of the winners for the Free Verse Poetry Contest will be on the 9th April 2012. Winners will then have until 15 April 2012 to collect their prizes. The Scriptors Committee are currently in the process of judging your entries.

Good luck!