Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Mirrors can be deceiving
Mirrors can make us perceive something that's untrue
And make us believe that it's true
And that is why
That person hates mirrors.

That person is a teen
A normal teen that person shall not be
Rarity is what that person searches
Hence, that person is nobody
But itself.

Why, dear deceitful mirrors?
Why do you make that person contemplates
With such matters that the person isn't capable to judge
nor evaluate
Why did you deceive that pitiful teen?
Is that teen really naive?
or just ignorant with the real world.

That teen, let me burden you with a secret
That teen has another reality
That can only be seen inside that teen's mind.
Mirrors on the wall
You can't look inside
As that person has banned
deceitful beings
to enter inside that confined world.

Inspiration: Sylvia Plath's Mirror

By Nur 'Adilah (LG2201)

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